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Interview with a Psychic & The History of Psychic Fair

In honor of our 34th Annual Sharon Muldoon Memorial Psychic Fair Weekend being cancelled (in-person, Psychic Fair At Home will be taking place!), Patti Sheets, one of our long-time Psychic Fair psychics, was kind enough to take the time to chat with me about her practice.

Before I jump into our Q&A, I want to share with you all some history of Psychic Fair and how it turned into the event that it is today.

What is Psychic Fair?

For those of you who have never heard of Psychic Fair or have heard of it but always wondered what it was, let me explain. Indian Head Resort's Psychic Fair is a weekend of love, laughs and of course, psychic readings. There is an event in April and November, each with about 12 psychics, many of whom have been attending Psychic Fair almost since its inception. Over the weekend, our loyal group of Stargazers (people attending Psychic Fair) book readings with a variety of psychics. While they wait for their readings, they spend time enjoying the resort and of course, each other.

History of Psychic Fair

Psychic Fair began in April 1986 with just two psychics and a handful of people actually attending the event. In 1988, Sharon and Betty Muldoon were planning a visit to the area when they heard Psychic Fair Weekend would be going on. Interested in what this might entail, they booked a stay at the resort, spent the weekend at one of the first Psychic Fairs, and loved every second of it.

When they got back home to Massachusetts, Sharon could not stop raving about their time to all of her and Betty's co-workers. Sparking an interest in everyone she spoke to, she worked with the Indian Head Resort to bring up a group of about 20 women to the next Psychic Fair. The time finally came, and the girls had such a fun time spending the weekend getting readings, hanging out in the lounge and just enjoying the property that they decided to make it an annual trip. They continued visiting the resort every April for Psychic Fair, calling themselves the Stargazers.

Psychic Fair Setup in our Greenery

But before they knew it, word of the event had spread all over. Sharon and Betty were getting calls from friends of friends of friends asking how they could be a part of the fun and come to Indian Head's Psychic Fair. Soon enough, word had spread even further and what was once an annual co-workers getaway, turned into a huge event. It had so much demand, we decided to add another weekend in November of 1994 to allow even more Stargazers to join.

Sharon and Betty went on to coordinate all of our semi-annual Psychic Fair Weekends for years to come. They are both a huge part of the reason why Psychic Fair is what it is today and why so many Stargazers visit us year after year for this special event.

Today we dedicate every Psychic Fair Weekend to Sharon, who passed in 2007. Many of our Stargazers were personal friends with Sharon and remember her as a light in the life of so many. We all know that her legacy lives on in every Psychic Fair Weekend.

You can find Sharon's Bench overlooking Shadow Lake

Interview with Patti Sheets

Patti Sheets

Patti Sheets has been an intuitive counselor in New England for over 30 years. Her readings are always insightful and inspirational. She draws from a combination of information derived from Tarot Cards, Astrology, Numerology and a psychic connection with her client. Patti has been reading at Indian Head Resort's Psychic Fair for 33 years and is well known and respected among Stargazers at the event. Her skills and expertise keep long-term Stargazers coming back every year, allowing her to form a strong bond with each person, which she says, is unlike any other.

Take a look at our Q & A below for some insight into how she started her practice and what it's like being a psychic.

Q: How do you describe what you do to a stranger?

A: Well, first I do astrology. And with that I'll ask somebody's birth place, time and date; then I will go through all 12 houses of their astrology chart. It'll tell them not only what's going on now and what might have happened in the past, but very often it can tell what might be coming up in the future. I also do Tarot Cards, which is a 78 card deck with four suits, just like in a regular deck of cards. I usually have the person pick 10 cards and I pick the cards out so it'll tell them the past, the present, the near future and what's going to happen maybe a year down the road.

Q: What got you interested in this practice?

A: I'll tell you the truth, I had a friend who was teaching a tarot class and she said "Patti, will you go to my class, I don't have enough students and I want to fill it up," so I said alright. I had no interest, but she was a friend so I went. I took the class and two weeks later she was supposed to be doing a psychic fair but couldn't make it, so she asked me to fill in for her. So I did the fair and I loved it. I was up and running.

Q: So was that first psychic fair when you decided to start reading professionally?

A: Yes. That was probably the year before I started going to Indian Head's, because I've been doing this a little over 30 years now.

Q: What's one of the most common questions you get while doing a reading?

A: Depending on the age group, romance and money. But I do get specific questions as well.

Q: Do you think that it's a little more difficult to answer the more specific questions?

A: No.

Q: Do you feel these readings take an emotional or mental toll on you?

A: Truthfully no, some readers that does happen to but it's usually when you first start reading. I know how to keep things separate and I always have, I don't take things personally.

Q: Before you start a reading, do you ever get a feeling about who the person is or what they might be looking for?

A: Yes, sometimes I do. I can feel their energy.

Q: Do you ever go to psychics to get read yourself?

A: I don't anymore, but I used to. I do understand why people like readings, it gives them information and gives them hope.

Q: What would you say is one of the best things about being a psychic?

A: Variety. You're not doing the same thing every day in the same place.

Q: For someone who has never gotten a reading before, do you have any advice for them if they choose to get one?

A: I would say, pick somebody they think they're going to be comfortable with.

Q: Do you have any tips for someone practicing astrology or tarot readings, who might just be starting out?

A: Do as many readings for as many different people as you can. And get as much information as you can. Take a few classes, not just one or two. And practice.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add about your practice?

A: I've taught classes in all of this, so it's always kept my hand in it. I teach tarot, past life progression, hand writing. When you're my age and you've done it this long, you pretty much do all of it.

Q: Do you have a message for some of the long-term guests you won't be able to see at April's Psychic Fair?

A: We'll all miss you and we hope we'll see you in November! Have a great summer and feel free to call for a reading.

If you're interested in a phone reading with Patti, she will be joining four other psychics this weekend (4/25/20 & 4/26/20) at our first ever Psychic Fair At Home!

For more about Patti, her practice and how to contact her for a reading, check out her Facebook page: facebook.com/PattiSheetsIntuitiveCounselor

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