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What the IHR Staff is Up To While Social Distancing

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Running out of things to do while social distancing? When the couch is calling but you want to do something a little different, we've got you covered.

Here are some things we've been up to:

1. Learning/re-learning an instrument

You know that piano you haven't touched in years? The one collecting dust and old magazines? Clear it off and give yourself a lesson! There are plenty of beginner tutorials on Youtube for whatever instrument you've had lying around your house.

Or if you're already musically inclined but maybe you haven't played in a while, get back into it!

One team member was just telling me about how she started playing her old saxophone again, and it was like she'd never stopped.

So give it a try! You probably have nothing else to do, and who knows... you might find you have a hidden talent.

2. Doing puzzles

One team member is actually working on a puzzle he got in the Gift Shop right now (pictured).

His review: "It's really hard" ... 😂

Puzzling as a pastime is a little overlooked. Some might think of it as boring, but our team member calls it, "almost addictive" ... and he's not wrong. They're challenging enough to keep you interested and can actually help improve your memory, among other benefits!

If you've already got a puzzle going, show us what you've been working on. If not, grab that old puzzle out of the closet and get to work - you're missing out!

3. Baking something new

Indian Pudding has been a New England staple since the 1700s and is a must-have when visiting the resort. If you've never tried making it at home, now's your chance! Follow our simple step-by-step photo guide to make this sweet treat in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Make sure you tag @ihresortnh or #ihrblogs in your creations, we want to see how you did!

4. Having a virtual wine & cheese night with items already in our kitchens (21+)

Social distancing doesn't exclude virtual hangouts. And because we know this would be way more fun with friends, call everyone up ahead of time, tell them what they'll need to prepare, hop on a video chat and you've got yourselves a virtual wine and cheese night.

Here's what you'll to pull this off:

  • White and red wine - I used a bottle chardonnay and cabernet I already had open

  • Cheddar and brie cheese - Or any hard and soft cheese

  • Sliced meat

  • Jam

  • Crackers or bread - hard bread like a baguette is my favorite, but I didn't have any so I used rice crackers instead

  • Chocolate

  • Anything else you think would taste good

Assemble your ingredients in separate piles on a large plate, pour about 2 oz. of each wine into two separate glasses, and you're good to go! Have each person take their turn sharing their thoughts on their favorite combinations based on the ingredients they used. Everyone's platter might be a little different, but that's what makes it interesting. I added a few extra items I thought would go well, so definitely take your creative liberties with this.

This whole set up only took me about 10 minutes to prepare:

Now, let's see what you came up with! Show us how you did your virtual wine & cheese night, what instruments you've picked up and any other at-home activities you've been doing by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram.

We can't wait to see what you've been up to.

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